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[Tested] oclHashcat GPU-based Cracker: OpenCL / CUDA

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:29

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one GTX 985: 6596M c/s
one HD 5875: 6766M c/s
one GTX 585: 6767M c/s
two GTX 985: 6957M c/s
one HD 6975: 6575M c/s
two HD 6975: 7575M c/s

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The CHFI 867-99 exam will be conducted on the last day of training. Students need to pass the online Prometric exam to receive the CHFI certification.

Download Accent RAR Password Recovery Build 3682

With AMD OpenCL implementation, here are the compute devices detected (two HD 6975 in the rig) when CrossFire is disabled:

The professional solution for recovering lost passwords to files created in any version of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. With highly optimized code for Intel and AMD processors, offers three types of attack, automated password recovery settings and a simple graphic interface for successful recovery of lost passwords.

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EC-Council releases the most advanced Computer Forensic Investigation program in the world. CHFIv8 presents a detailed methodological approach to computer forensics and evidence analysis. It is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios that enable students to acquire hands-on experience on various forensic investigation techniques and standard tools necessary to successfully carry-out a computer forensic investigation.

By the way since my second gtx 965 is 65-65 degrees lower in temps than my first, I overclocked the second card a bit more.

Graphics cards tested:
ATI Radeon HD 5875 reference board
EVGA GTX 585 Superclocked
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 985 reference board

yes but you compare apples and oranges. ighashgpu is a brute force only cracker.
oclHashcat is a wordlist based cracker that can optionally do brute force cracking.

Restores User password to open Adobe PDF documents and removes restrictions set by the Permissions password (Master password). Accent PDF Password Recovery is equally successful in working with documents created in Adobe Acrobat 7-XI.

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