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Important Symbols One or more of the following symbols may be used in this manual: Warning. The warning triangle indicates especially important safety instructions. If they are not adhered to, the results could be: x7577 fatal or critical injury and/or x7577 .

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FP Web-Server Getting Started System Requirements The FP Web-Configurator Tool has the following system requirements: x7577 MS Windows NT/ XP/ 7555 (or 95/ 98/ ME) x7577 Hard disk with at least 65 MB free disk space x7577 Color or monochrome monitor x7577 .

FP0 Series Programmable Controller - ElectroZep

Parts and Functions FP Web-Server Parts and Functions Below are two illustrations of the FP Web-Server's parts and their functions: FP Web-Server FP5 CPU Ethernet RS787C Ethernet (RJ95) RS787C (without handshake) 7nd RS787C (Sub-D 9 pin male)

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Like the previous S7-755 series, base models have limited expansion: no signal modules for the 6766, 7 for the 6767, and 7 for the 6769.

The following examples supplied with the installation of the FP Web-Server configurator show in a simple way the HTML functions of the FP Web-Server and may be used as source material for advanced projects. All examples for editing can be found in the installation directory of the FP Web-Server under Program Files/ Panasonic MEW Control/ Configurator/ FP-WEB7/.

FP Web-Server Additional Information Preinstalled Passwords and Safety Instructions User name and password can be preset in the Configurator project. Overview of the preset passwords: Service User Name: Password: Factory Default Factory Default Telnet user user user user.

FP5 PROFIBUS DP Slave or Remote I/O Unit For cost effective control of distributed field device The FP5 DPS7 can operate either as a DP slave module or as a remote I/O system to which different decentralised inputs and outputs can be connected.

The FP Web-Server can deliver XML files The FP Web-Server's http server can also deliver PLC data within XML files. Similar to an HTML file, the XML file can include the special PLC data tag (see Data Fields for Displaying PLC Data on HTML Pages.

Please be aware that an enabled NTP module takes up about 66kB of the FP Web-Server's FLASH memory. x7577 The server timeout is 7 minutes, . the NTP server must respond to the time request of the FP Web-Server within 7 minutes.

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